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Add a card Contact support Cancel. Great book with many breads from many countries. Even for someone like me, baking times per week, it had some new recipes. The breads I tried all worked just fine based on the recipes. I mostly liked reading about the different people immigrants who trained at Hot Bread Kitchen learning English, business skills and baking skills.

What a wonderful concept. This is one of those recipes that just assumes you have a stand mixer, something that always irritates me! So I made these entirely by hand. The recipe calls for adding the flour to the just boiled water, and then transferring to said mixer for 4 minutes. Really, I probably wouldn't dirty a mixer for this anyway since it's so easy to knead this soft, pliable dough. I made a half recipe and made them quite a bit smaller than directed in the recipe yield of 9 smaller tortillas.

Hot Bread Kitchen is on an Empowerment Mission

I used spelt flour for mine and flipped them a couple of times, not just the once called for. These are my first whole wheat tortillas, and they were pretty successful. I will definitely make these again. This dough was sticky and for me required a lot of extra flour to handle, which gave the bread more of a floury taste than I like.

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The texture was good, though. The curry was very nice. It had a nice heat that built up, and was filling due to the potatoes. I have to say that the smell of the mixture didn't fill me with joy. Teff flour has a very, um, "distinctive" aroma that magnifies when you add water. However, the finished bread was lovely.

It offset the spiciness of the doro wat nicely.

My local grocery store has a buffet with food I just love. A lot of the staff is Ethiopian so many of the recipes show that influence. They do a cabbage dish that I love, they call it curried cabbage and I was hoping this would be a copycat. It did not disappoint!

Jessamyn Rodriguez

The recipe at the grocery store has no carrots. I think I prefer it that way because with the carrots it got be pretty sweet. Next time I'll omit or reduce them. Other than that, I needed a LOT more water, maybe three times as much.

Bialys With a Mission From ‘Hot Bread Kitchen’ – The Forward

I also think I'd reduce the turmeric just a bit next time. However, both flavour and texture were fantastic, with a thin, crisp crust, chewy crumb and a lovely nuttiness from the seed topping. The dough was quite wet. I thought I had proofed it enough, but it stuck to my fingers as I tried to make the indentations, so they never stayed, and the bread puffed up and bubbled quite a bit.

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So it did not look like the picture, and the crumb was probably too open, but it did taste delicious. Next time I believe I should add more flour the dough never did clean the insides of the bowl and probably let it proof longer. I also might shape it on the counter, rather than parchment, as it stuck quite a bit to the parchment, which made it harder to stretch. I scaled the recipe down and used the paddle to mix the dough. The dough was easy to make, but took quite a while to rise. I used my hands to carefully place the naan on the baking stone. I'm not sure how one would use a baking sheet for this, as the dough would stick to the sheet.

It was also easy to flip the naan and remove them from the oven again, very carefully using my fingers. They were very tasty. This is a fantastic focaccia, with moist, soft crumb and very tasty. I've made half a recipe, baked in a 13x9-inch pan. The dough is pretty easy to work with.

I did not use all of the water indicated, remaining a few tablespoons behind. Could be due to the high temperature and humidity in our weather Malaysia , and most times when I make bread, I find that I do not need to use the full amount of water indicated in recipes. The final dough refused to fill the entire pan, so I have left it to rest for 10 minutes at 3 intervals before the whole pan was filled with the dough.

There's a few flavour variations in the book, but I've made it plain, and had it as a sandwich with some sardine spread. I've made this twice already, my family love it. Will be making the topping with Potato and Rosemary on my next focaccia baking day. Loved this focaccia.

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The bottom was crisp from the olive oil, and the apples and cheese melted together. I used only one honeycrisp and I think would use the two called for next time. My loaf wasn't pretty, but it tasted great, with a dark crust, chewy, open crumb, and mild sour flavor. This recipe is more approachable than similar recipes, as the pate fermentee requires less time than a real sourdough starter. I made it over the course of 3 days, as suggested in the notes, which means the dough actually sat in the fridge 24 hours instead of My bread was done in 40 minutes, so check early. This is a crusty loaf with a chewy crumb and good flavour that requires a preferment and long periods of fermentation.