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Black Conservatives Debate Black Liberals on American Politics (Extended Version)

Even after adjusting the data by imposing a more strict, legalistic definition of political speech, the pattern remains extraordinary. Faculty dismissals are only one small but important indicator of this more general shift in the political speech climate. Chris Quintina at The Chronicle for Higher Education has been quicker than others to pick up the implication of these trends: there is an academic freedom crisis , just one particularly acute on the opposite side of the political spectrum than most seem to expect. The academic freedom crisis is multifaceted, covering multiple dimensions of the intensely complicated social fabric of the modern campus.

Haidt has focused particularly on students ; others have persuasively argued that administrations are a more potent variable ; still others have emphasized the role professors have played in the changing campus climate — or the pernicious influence of outside groups. The Left will point to patterns of faculty dismissal, as well as the professional and media harassment of professors, especially by the Far Right. The result is a systematic, partisan missing of the forest for the trees. In the intellectual sphere, as it turns out, ideological intolerance is not the monopoly of any particular party.

Rather, what we are seeing is a wider, systemic pattern. That polarization is being expressed at different levels of the university, against different groups, in different ways. For a principled commitment to speech rights and intellectual pluralism, all of those levels need to be treated with care, judicious examination of data, and appropriate concern.

New book explores professors' politics and the debates about those politics

Syndication guidelines here. Subscribe here to receive a weekly roundup of recent HxA publications, news stories curated by the Heterodox Academy editorial team, and news and announcements about HxA. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. Symposium: Liberals and Conservatives in Academia. Shields; Joshua M. Dunn Sr. Oxford Scholarship Online.

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  2. Harvard study prompts examination of political leanings of Carleton professors.
  3. Homogenous: The Political Affiliations of Elite Liberal Arts College Faculty.

Retrieved 8 June September Retrieved June 8, November Retrieved June 7, The Washington Post. Retrieved June 9, Sylvia Hurtado, professor of education at UCLA and director of the Higher Education Research Institute, said that she didn't know what to make of the surge to the left by faculty members. She said that she suspects age may be a factor, as the full-time professoriate is aging, but said that this is just a theory. Hurtado said that these figures always attract a lot of attention, but she thinks that the emphasis may be misplaced because of a series of studies showing no evidence that left-leaning faculty members are somehow shifting the views of their students or enforcing any kind of political requirement.

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Academic Questions. Edited by Neil Gross and Solon Simmons".

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American Journal of Sociology. July 1, There Are Conservative Professors. Just Not in These States". The New York Times. Retrieved May 14, Retrieved June 13, Psychology Today.

Professors and Politics: What the Research Says

September 15, Retrieved June 12, Open Road Media. October Faculty Ideology and Changes". Retrieved June 16, They also track age: 60 percent of professors aged 26 to 35 are moderate, as compared to 50 percent of professors aged 36 to 49, and 43 percent of professors aged 50 to At the symposium held to discuss the study, some participants emphasized diff erent interpretations of the data.

Eliot University Professor Lawrence H. Bass professor of English and American literature and language Louis Menand worried that convergent political beliefs among faculty and students, whether caused by self-selection or conformist socialization—in combination with the long time commitments required to earn a Ph. View the discussion thread. Art-Making in Allston.