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The operating mode of the radar is to broadcast the echoes of other devices on a first screen, to adapt the tracking, then apply specific lights by following the target on another screen. The radar operator read the information he transmitted in real time to the pilot and eventually to the gunner.

The P-61, the Beaufighter, and the first air war fought in the dark.

The US Air Force is developing, in addition to the aviation technical part, the tactical part of this project, creating the first night combat squadron: the th Night Fighter Squadron, based in Orlando, Florida. Nonetheless, it was the nd Night Fighter Squadron which was first engaged in operations in February , joining England as part of the preparations for Operation Overlord.

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If his speed is initially criticized by some executives of the American Air Force, the first P of the nd Night Fighter Squadron are deployed in Normandy. Yet it is in the Pacific, where the hunters are also deployed, that they know their baptism of fire: June 30, , a Japanese Mitsubishi G4M is shot down by a device of the 6th Night Fighter Squadron. In Europe, the first combat action of the P took place on July 16 against a V-1 rocket, destroyed by the aicraft of Lieutenant Herman Ernst. The P Black Widow did not have a decisive operational career as its development period was particularly long given the high degree of technological complexity it represented at the time.

Lacking speed and range to remain competitive until the end of the Second World War, he nevertheless participated in revolutionizing air combat with his new navigation and detection instruments. More than thirteen different versions were produced and made operational compared to the original model during the war.

The canal was a vital trade route with huge amounts of supplies and raw materials passing along it daily. With the fall of France and the build up to Operation Sealion, the invasion of Britain, interrupting the traffic on the canal would aid in upsetting the German timetable. But to undertake the task a level of accuracy was needed from the RAF which was hitherto unheard of… It was very much a proto-dambusters raid. Smith Goes to Washington, yet when war came he was insistent on not avoiding it and joined the United States Army Airforce flying combat missions over Europe.

Friend of the podcast Andrew Nagorski has suggested that actually was the pivotal year of the war. Andrew contends that the decisions made in , by the major nations, would make an allied victory not just possible but inevitable. The beach was subsequently transformed into three miles of lethal, bunker-protected arcs of fire, with chalets converted into concrete strongpoints, fringed by layers of barbed wire and mines. We discuss the American landings on D-Day at Omaha beach.

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That was nearly three years ago! How time flies!

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Since then Walter has been busy researching the history of the sinkingof the USS Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbour in December and the fate of the crew, including a remarkable 23 sets of siblings. On the 6th of June Japanese troops invaded the island of Attu which is part of Alaska, it was the first time since that continental America had been invaded. I'm sure like you, it had never crossed my mind. The more I looked into it the more I got enthused by the story of cork, it was a wonder product during the early 20th century, used in all manner of things - almost anything that needed a seal such as a gasket used cork, so it was crucial to the auto industry, aviation and munitions.

The American government defined it a strategic industry along with coal and steel! Raised in the French Colonies of Africa, they fought with distinction in the deserts of Libya and with the British 8th Army. They also took part in the fighting in North West Europe after D-Day, being one of the units that liberated Paris in And we all know the story of how Adolf Hitler, with his new wife Eva Braun, committed suicide and the body was destroyed. Overall Ps downed aircraft during the war.

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Ironically the victory was achieved without a single shot being fired. The opponent, a Nakajima Ki Tojo fighter, went out of control while trying to escape from the Lady. Many of the NFSs were inactivated and their aircraft sent to reclamation in Germany and in the Philippines.

The few remaining Ps were redesignated F in Black Widows took part in initial American ejection seat testing. Dummies were used for the first several trials, but on April 17 th a successful human ejection was made from a PB. Ps also did the heavy lifting for the Thunderstorm Project , a series of weather research flights flown into and out of thunderstorms between and The data captured during these flights us still valid and used today.

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  • The last few operational Black Widows , those flown by the 68th Fighter Squadron of the th Fighter Group, rotated home from Japan during May of The Korean War began the next month. The last of the Ps built were retired from operational use in Bill Walton is a life-long aviation enthusiast and expert in aircraft recognition. As a teenager Bill helped his engineer father build an award-winning T homebuilt airplane in their Wisconsin basement.

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