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It wants to completely change the way we get energy from the wind. Think wind stick instead of a massive tower with blades that capture blowing winds. One key facet of the Vortex design is that it uses less material than conventional turbines, meaning less maintenance as well as less noise. Vortex Bladeless wind turbine Energy Wind Bladeless. Vortex devices are not for sale yet.

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Good things need time! Regular wind turbines. Clean energy with Vortex. Low maintenance. Gears and brakes. Needs oiling.

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Lightweight, minimal raw materials. Quick response to wind changes. What media says about Vortex. Follow us! RT billmckibben : If the world ran on sun, it wouldn't fight over oil.

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The company designing the machine says its turbine is cheaper to manufacture, silent and doesn't pose a thread to birds.

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A Spanish company called Vortex Bladeless is proposing a radical new way to generate wind energy that will once again upend what you see outside your car window. Their idea is the Vortex, a bladeless wind turbine that looks like a giant rolled joint shooting into the sky.

The Vortex has the same goals as conventional wind turbines: To turn breezes into kinetic energy that can be used as electricity. But it goes about it in an entirely different way. Vorticity has long been considered the enemy of architects and engineers, who actively try to design their way around these whirlpools of wind. And for good reason: With enough wind, vorticity can lead to an oscillating motion in structures, which, in some cases, like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge , can cause their eventual collapse. The team started Vortex Bladeless in as a way to turn this vibrating energy into something productive.

They just launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness of the technology. In its current prototype, the elongated cone is made from a composite of fiberglass and carbon fiber, which allows the mast to vibrate as much as possible an increase in mass reduces natural frequency. At the base of the cone are two rings of repelling magnets, which act as a sort of nonelectrical motor.

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This kinetic energy is then converted into electricity via an alternator that multiplies the frequency of the mast's oscillation to improve the energy-gathering efficiency. Its makers boast the fact that there are no gears, bolts, or mechanically moving parts, which they say makes the Vortex cheaper to manufacture and maintain.

Magnetic Vortex Engine, text plan/design

Based on field testing, the Mini ultimately captures 30 percent less than conventional wind turbines, but that shortcoming is compensated by the fact that you can put double the Vortex turbines into the same space as a propeller turbine. Vortex Bladeless says its turbine would cost around 51 percent less than a traditional turbine, whose major costs come from the blades and support system. Plus, Suriol says, it's pretty cool-looking.

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There's enough interest, Suriol says, that he fields upward of emails a day from people inquiring about the turbine.