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Capital Gate tilts over four times more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Timber structures result in shorter construction programmes, lighter buildings, and smaller foundations.

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On top of this, they reduce carbon emissions significantly. Ramboll is a top 10 buildings consultancy globally with multidisciplinary buildings experts. Ramboll has great experience in designing high-rise buildings. Read about a selection of the significant buildings Ramboll has been involved in. Bright ideas.

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Sustainable change. Middle East.

Southern Africa. Spain and Portugal. United Kingdom.

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Ramboll Group Services Buildings High-rise buildings. Buildings High-rise buildings We are passionate about bringing innovative and inspirational high-rise buildings to life. Contact Shonn Mills. Contact Adam Miller.

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Contact Frank Schwartz. Integrated Design Our high-rise specialists understand that the success of tall building design depends on the relationship between the structure and services. Leaders in off-site construction We have decades of experience using off-site fabrication of concrete structural sections to speed up on-site construction and ensure high quality standards.

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Liveability and sustainability Our philosophy is to prioritise quality of life for building users and place people at the heart of our designs. Smart technology We are experienced in applying smart technology in buildings to increase energy efficiency, reduce overheads, and enhance workplace environments and productivity.

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Maximising returns Our innovative engineering designs for tall buildings are focused on maximising returns for clients by delivering the best achievable net to gross. Especially in timber? Like testosterone-fuelled explorers driven to go further, the challenge is simultaneously unessessary and irresistible. This has been surpassed by a timber framed tower of fourteen storeys in Bergen, Norway, by Artec. Too ahead of its time, these were built in concrete, as was the rest of the London Olympic project.

These were designed as all-timber structures, but eventually built in as a concrete and timber hybrids. In the news is full of competing designs and projects due to go ahead for much taller timber towers. The design intentions are laudably grounded in global environmentalism, but the outcome is the signature architecture of towers. In an age which has forgotten that everything used to be built in timber, the strategy of employing familiar forms but with a substitution of construction material is a reassuring way to put clients at ease.

The relevant question is not how high can you go, but do you really need towers to achieve urban density? The absurdity of structural perversity is the actual limit for timber construction. It is worth noting that the tallest trees Californian Redwoods are beautifully resolved structures, which rarely grow higher than m, circa 33 storeys.

Concrete, steel, glue and glass are always essential parts of the design; what is important is the ratios. The considered answer is not the tallest timber tower, but clever composite structures as well as new high density building typologies.

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But cities are not made by housing alone, and the appetite for land that high rise development demands is creating other issues. A result of the housing crisis in London is a growing exodus of manufacturing and service-based industries. The demand for housing combined with exorbitant investment profitability, coupled with change of use Planning policies means competition amongst residential developers to aquire urban land is acute. Consequently, large or medium sized inner city sites are far too costly to justify the classic industrial single storey shed typology.